Monday, February 22, 2010

The first entry. I haven't any real idea why I am doing this except to try to make a small space for myself where I can talk about things I like and dislike, what moves and frightens me in the hope that it will lead me somewhere....

A few things I remember Toni Morrisson saying in the film
The Black List that I re-watched again this weekend--"avoiding the white male gaze or just not being interested in it and being freed up to write and say what you wanted and something about "making a small space for yourself".  What I remember most about these lines is the gesture she made with her hands at the end of her sentence, as if to punctuate it physically, she formed her two fingers into a small box in front of her heart.  A space for herself that seems so small when she describes it but so powerful in the world. If I could only be so brave and smart.

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